Friday Mar 28, 2014

Rodney Tom

State Senator and Senate Majority Leader 48th District, State of Washington

An Update from the 2014 State of Washington Legislative Session

Senator Rodney Tom will discuss the results from the recently ended legislative session. However It is also important to recognize the platform he is supporting. That is below:

“I’ve long said that people in our area care more about the bottom line than the party line.  That’s why I am proud to be the Leader of the Majority Coalition Caucus, a bipartisan group of State Senators who formed a coalition last year to lead the State Senate.   The original group of 25 Coalition members agreed to 5 common principles of our Caucus:

  1. Budget sustainability
  2. Promoting job creation
  3. Reforming and enhancing education
  4. Protecting the vulnerable while prioritizing middle class Washingtonians
  5. Holding government accountable

We set out to operate like Washington State, not like Washington D.C., giving members of the opposing caucus a seat at the table and opportunities to chair committees.  Fundamentally, we began with–and continue to focus on–policy before politics, solutions instead of partisanship.”

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