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12 July 2017
9 Aug 2017

Speed Croquet with Bellevue Sunrise

by Carmela Ramaglia

Get Your Team Together for Speed Croquet!

This is the Bellevue Sunrise’s Club big fundraiser and the BBRC has a strong history of showing support (and even winning!)

All information and registration goes through the Bellevue Sunrise Club.

So just click that “Learn More Here!” button to be redirected to their web page.

Cheers! 🙂

New Announcement

Project Description

Mark your calendars for the Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club’s Annual Speed Croquet Tournament!!

Our Best Darn Club in the Whole Wide World has a strong history of support for this event (and we’ve even won!!)

So get your team together and click this link to be redirected to the Bellevue Sunrise Page to Learn More!

Cheers! 🙂