Preserve Planet Earth – Trail Restoration

Posted By Jim Kindsvater

Saturday March 24, 2012 – Ardmore Park in Bellevue

35 Rotarians and Friends turned out on a beautiful Saturday morning at Ardmore Park in East Bellevue for our Preserve Planet Earth Trail Restoration project.  Alexandra and Issac from the Bellevue Parks Department showed up to furnish lots of wheel barrows, shovels, forks, and rakes.  50 yards of bark was spread over 2500 feet of park trails and carefully groomed.  Occasional runners and pedestrians had nothing but good things to say about the results of all our efforts.  Early on, Chuck Kimbrough was pressed into service for a coffee run and brought donuts and cookies along with the liquid refreshment.  Kids, junior members, senior members and friends “forked it over” into the wheel barrows and then hustled the fragrant brew up hill and down dale to the point of application.  All the forking, raking, coffee drinking, and micro-managing was finally complete just about noon time.  That works out to over 16 yards per hour!  Try that at home!  Several of the graying members were heard to remark about the variety of muscles required and the various pains resulting, but everyone hailed the results with enthusiasm.  You can find Ardmore Park at 16833 NE 30th Street in Bellevue and inspect the results yourself.  Our fearless leader, Alex Rule, spoke heartily of the extensive Bellevue Parks System and asked us all to get connected to it for picnics, walking, running, and the occasional ride on a mini-zip line.  Click on any of the images below and then scroll down again to run a slide show of larger images.  You too can be a star!

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