Example Business Introduction: Paul Cunnington

Posted By Paul Osborn

Name: Paul Cunnington

Description: Unintentional Economist & Digital Consultant

What I have to offer fellow Rotarians and friends:

I help grow companies!

  • If a company needs assistance in growing their ecommerce market share or increasing their product revenue I optimize their digital marketing strategy. Focusing primarily on search engine marketing, organic and paid advertising, improving Google relevance or Amazon rankings in the process
  • We live in an uncertain world and many people are confused or intimidated by the misinformation put out by the financial media. Others don’t understand how debt levels, oil, gold, bond prices, currency exchange rates, and country bankruptcies impact their day to day lives. I assist companies and individuals in understanding the impact of the global, national, and local economic forces. Often delivering economic presentations and blogging on my site http://mygreencapital.com
  • If you are curious about real estate markets outside of Seattle or ever thought about owning rental property, my wife and I run and operate a national real estate investment company and have online courses that you might find useful.

What Rotarians can offer in support or good introductions for me:

  1. Help me locate speaking engagements to build my audience and grow my reach
  2. Sign up for my blog at http://mygreencapital.com
  3. Introduce me to potential clients who need help with digital marketing or business consulting

If any of these areas I mentioned resonate with you or someone you know, let’s have a conversation!

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