Computers, Medical Equipment and More Dictionaries

Posted By John Martinka

After some technology issues here are some more updates. Below is a picture of some happy kids, with their goofy faces, after getting their illustrated dictionary.

One new thing we’re doing this year is giving some schools a pre-dictionary quiz. In June they’ll get another quiz and we’ll have some metrics on how well the books are received, how the kids are learning, etc.

The teachers like it. A couple asked for our quiz because they found it well put together (thank my daughter-in-law Amanda for that) and want to more quizzes similar.

We presented the Ministry of Health with seven defibrillators and many boxes of testing supplies for blood pressure, diabetes and pap smears. They just don’t have the money for the supplies. All of the preceding will also have training for the medical people and the citizens.

Computer lab installations are ahead of schedule.


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