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28 April 2018
5 May 2018

BBRC's Newest Member - Kevin Klustner

by Kaj Pedersen

Kevin Klustner is Welcomed to the BBRC as a New Member

Please welcome Kevin Klustner who was formally inducted to our club this past Friday.  Kevin’s sponsors were Morris Kremen and David Bolson.  Kevin was presented with his Red Badge and Rotary pin and will be joining with the classification of Energy Technology.  His interests are history (Civil War) and sports, so please take an opportunity to reach out to Kevin and learn more as he makes his way toward the Blue Badge.

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14 April 2018
21 Apr 2018

Welcoming New Member - Caitlin Devaney

by Kaj Pedersen

Welcoming our new member, Caitlin Devaney

We had the pleasure of inducting a new member into the club – Caitlin Devaney.  Caitlin was joined by her fiancee, Nick Odeh.  Caitlin was a prior member of Eastside Rotaractors, and we have been impressed with her involvement and commitment to the Rotary cause through this group.  We look forward to seeing Caitlin become active with us at the BBRC, where she has already signed up to join the Preserve Planet Earth, Youth Services and World Community Service committees. These committees also seem to align well with Caitlin’s enthusiasm for the outdoors (skiing, hiking, biking, camping and CrossFit) and her work at as a youth minister at the Holy Family Parish.

3 February 2018
16 Feb 2018

BBRC Welcomes its Newest Member - John Hall

by Kaj Pedersen

President, Kaj Pedersen and Membership Director, Tim Leahy, welcome the Halls to the BBRC

Please welcome John Hall, who has been a prior member of Rotary, for five years in Palm Springs, before stepping away to focus on his business.  We are thrilled to see John back in Rotary and looking to become active with us in Bellevue.   While  in Palm Springs, John was actively involved in the Palm Springs American Youth Soccer Organization (AYSO) and served in many leadership roles including Commissioner, Fund-Raising Director, Coach and International Exchange Director. In his spare time he also volunteered with Guide Dogs of the Desert!

We look forward to John’s engagement with our club, where we will welcome his energy and passion for our initiatives. We particularly like John’s enthusiasm for getting his hands dirty by doing work that will help advance our mission in the community.

7 September 2017
14 Sep 2017

Welcome new BBRC member, Scott Handler!

by Tim Leahy

Welcome to our newest member of the BBRC, Scott Handler!

Scott recently married Lindsey Cambronero, so we welcome her to our extended family as well. He sells property & casualty insurance for the Partners Group here in Bellevue. As a long time member of the Mountaineers Club, Scott gets to pursue his love and passion for the outdoors; climbing, skiing, and exploring, as well as fishing and watersports.

Looking forward to having you actively involved in the Best Darn Rotary Club in the World! So great to have you join us, Scott.

Welcome Scott!

Welcome Scott!

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