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15 October 2017
24 Oct 2017

World Polio Celebration - 24th October

by Kaj Pedersen

There is a special event at the Gates Foundation on Tuesday, October 24th in recognition of World Polio Day.  There will be a “Live Stream” with other parts of the world along with a special presentation at the Foundation.  There will be several Rotary VIP’s in attendance.  As Rotarians you are welcome to attend.  The event gets started at 2:00 pm.

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3 October 2017
21 Oct 2017

Call for Nominations: District Governor 2020-2021

by Kaj Pedersen

It’s that time again … time to select the person from our district who will serve as our District Governor in Rotary Year 2020 – 2021. To learn more about the nomination process, please click here. If you are interested in securing the nomination forms, then contact our Club Secretary, Ann Norman.  Nominations must be submitted no later than Thursday, November 16, 2017 and returned to  PDG Bo Darling, who is Chair of the District Nominations Committee.


26 September 2017
6 Oct 2017

Peace Building Conference - Vancouver, BC - February 9-11, 2018

by Kaj Pedersen

As you may know RI President Ian Riseley is holding six peace-building conferences around the world. The first of these international conferences is in the Pacific Northwest. On February 9-11, 2018 in Vancouver, BC the presidential peace-building conference will examine sustainable global and local environmental practices, and their contributions to peace-building and peacemaking.

Participants will discuss the impact of environmental issues on health, fresh air, clean water, vegetation, and food production – and how improved environmental conditions are a fundamental condition of building peace within communities. The conference will bring together community leaders, youth, and representatives from the public, private, and government sectors. Attendees also can participate in a hands-on service project the morning after the conference.

There will be a focus on how Rotary clubs can involve their local community in sustainable projects and peace-building.  For more information please visit: www.EnvironmentandPeace.com.


21 September 2017
24 Sep 2017

Rotary Peace Day - City of Seattle - 21st Sept. 2017

by Kaj Pedersen

District Governor, Alex Hopkins, delivers a speech on behalf of Rotary and in service to Rotary Peace Day

Cathy Gibson our District’s Peace Builder Chair was instrumental in organizing the Rotary Peace Day Declaration with the City of Seattle today.  This was a goal established by our District Governor, Alex Hopkins, to help raise the public awareness on Peace with Rotary and the City of Seattle.  

Many dignitaries came in support of the Rotary call to action to show their dedication to achieving peace here locally and around the world.  The gathering took place at City Hall in Seattle, where the city’s proclamation was read in recognition of International Peace with Rotary.  The Seattle Fire Department’s Pipe and Drums opened and closed this special ceremony.

Rotarian and Fire Chief, Harold Scoggins, speaking at City of Seattle’s Declaration in support of peace at City Hall

The Seattle Fire Department’s Pipe and Drums in support of Rotary Peace Day

16 September 2017
24 Sep 2017

Rotary Grapevine

by Kaj Pedersen

Celebrating Peace

Following up on the announcement this Friday, there are some activities that may be of interest to members with respect to Rotary’s mission in the pursuit of peace:


  •      Everyone as local Rotarians have an awesome opportunity to recognize and support PEACE within the world in Seattle.  We will be gathering at City Hall, Thursday September 21st, 11:30am along with the Mayor, City Council Reps & Guest Speakers to recognize “International Peace Day with Rotary in Seattle.”  There will be an official proclamation from the city in recognition of all that Rotary does supporting Peace efforts here and around the world.

    ·        The Rotary International President’s Peace Conference will be February 9-11 up in Vancouver, BC, Canada.  More details will be in this month’s newsletter and can be found at: www.environmentandpeace.com

Rotary Academy

Three of our BBRC Club members will be embarking on their own journeys to learn about Rotary through the District 5030 Rotary Academy.  We wish Tom Miller, Ruben Ladlad and Martin Clavijo all the best in their participation of the Academy.  It will help strengthen our club’s involvement in Rotary and allow for these three individuals to develop a deeper understanding of the Rotary cause.

District 5030 Making a Difference

·        A historical moment for District 5030 with a  Zone Director and a Zone Coordinator being selected from the ranks of the Districts simultaneously for the first time.  Our congratulations to both who will be taking on these roles:

  • Zone 25/26 Director – John Matthews
  • Zone 25 Coordinator – Steve Lingenbrink

2 September 2017
1 Oct 2017

Vocational Online Tool from District 5030

by Kaj Pedersen

District 5030 have launched a vocational online tool for our District called the E-Directory. This will be a platform in which every Rotarian in District 5030 can register & advertise their business/service. Our district governor, Alex Hopkins is promoting the use of the “Rotary Channel” when looking for people to do business with. Alex has used the Rotary Channel to successfully find Real Estate Agents in other parts of the state and the country to assist with his clients. When you start with a Rotarian, there is a instant trust and familiarity because we are both Rotarians and already have a lot in common. If you would like to get started now, please access the Puget Sound Rotary Network via the yellow button with this announcement.

If you have questions, please contact DGN Bill McElroy (billmcelroy@frontier.com) as he is hosting this site for now. Entering your business on this site is very straight forward and it walks you through each step. Our goal is to get everyone registered by the end of the calendar year so we can start using this powerful tool.

22 August 2017
1 Sep 2017

August is Membership Month!

by Kaj Pedersen

Our Rotary membership allows us to enjoy these additional benefits:

Rotary Global Rewards, our member benefits program, which offers discounts on products and services. It’s Rotary’s way of helping our members spend less so they can do more.

The Rotary International Convention is our biggest event of the year. Rotary members from more than 130 countries meet at the convention each year to celebrate our successes and make plans for the future.  It is my hope that we can get a strong contingent from BBRC to attend next year, so we can demonstrate our club’s strength and fellowship in a dynamic city like Toronto.

Rotary Fellowships give members the chance to join a group of people who share similar interests, hobbies, or vocations. Some groups use their fellowship to make a positive difference.

Rotarian Action Groups unite Rotary members, family members, program participants and alumni who share their expertise in particular fields by collaborating with clubs and districts on projects.

I hope that you will take an opportunity to click on the links above and learn more about these benefits.  It is important that we find ways to enjoy the value that our membership can bring to us outside of the club. It will allow us to expand our relationships and build connections that can serve our objectives to do good in our communities and the world.

15 July 2016
31 Jul 2016

"I wouldn't want to belong to any Committee that would have me as a member"

by Michael Ralph

…but there are perks to membership….


11 January 2016
29 Jan 2016

No Meeting Jan 29th

by Paul Chapman

The cool kids are all going to be at the BBRC 30th Anniversary Party at my house on the 30th.

19 December 2015
6 Jan 2016

Happy Holidays!

by Paul Chapman

Have a wonderful and safe Christmas and New Year, and whatever other Holiday you choose to celebrate, and I’ll see you all again on the 8th January, at our offsite!

Ho Ho Ho!

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