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12 May 2018
19 May 2018

Rotarian of the Month - Dennis Newell (May)

by Kaj Pedersen

Our Rotarian for May is Dennis Newell for his work in resurrecting and leadership in organizing the Retreat this year. Dennis graciously accepted the recognition and acknowledge that this was for the Rotary team involved with making the event happen.

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5 May 2018
18 May 2018

District Major Gift Development Meeting

by Kaj Pedersen

In the past decade, Rotary has made great strides in realizing major gifts to The Rotary Foundation.  To ensure continued success, District 5030 is looking at establishing a Foundation Fund Development Sub-committee.  This sub-committee will be responsible for developing and implementing a strategy and action plan for encouraging major gifts within our district.

District leadership in looking to develop this sub-committee to include Rotarians with skills or interest in fund development or who are interested in working as liaison/representatives with clubs.  Want to learn more?  The District Foundation Team is hosting a meeting on May 19th, from 9 am to noon at the Mercer Island Community Center in the Groveland Meeting Room.  The meeting will be led by Richard Clarke, our Zone 25 Rotarian Endowment and Major Gift Adviser.  Topics covered will include 4 Steps to Realizing Gifts, The District Fund Development Approach, Ways to Make Gifts, Resources and Tools, and Developing a District Strategy.

The meeting is open to all.  Who is invited: Club Foundation Chairs, District Leadership, and anyone with any interest in learning more about how to help grow The Rotary Foundation are especially encouraged to attend!

22 April 2018
28 Apr 2018

Rotarian of the Month for April - Scott Sadler

by Kaj Pedersen

Kaj Pedersen and Scott Sadler share a joke at last year’s Golf Tournament

Scott Sadler is our Rotarian of the Month for April.  This award was presented in light of the tremendous work that he and the RI Foundation committee have accomplished over their last few years of campaigning around EREY.

This month the foundation numbers talk to the effectiveness of this committee’s work in 2017-18: $377 per capita amount (3rd in District) | total amount to date is $33K (4th in District) | Polio Plus stands at $1,587 | Our current total is $84,374, thanks to a benefactor contribution from Jim Owens and makes us 1st in the District.

Scott also acknowledged the support from his committee with a special mention for Jim Zidar’s contributions to their work. Well done to you all!

2 March 2018
9 Mar 2018

Rotarian of the Month (March) - Colleen Turner

by Kaj Pedersen

Colleen Turner receives her ROTM plaque from President, Kaj Pedersen

Congratulations to Colleen Turner for being this month’s Rotarian of the Month.  Colleen has taken on the work with our RFH committee with tremendous passion and enthusiasm.  She has also introduced new approaches to increase our participation and made sure to secure the support of Interactors in the process.  As a result, our club has been very present at the monthly food packing activities with the RFH distribution facility.  Please take an opportunity to congratulate Colleen, when you see her!

24 February 2018
3 Mar 2018

Annual Retreat - May the Fourth be with You!

by Kaj Pedersen

Dennis Newell promotes our upcoming Retreat (4-5th May, 2018)

Mark your calendars – our Retreat is coming!

Support Chris Boland’s Presidency for 2018-19 at the Retreat

Dennis Newell calls our Rotary members to action for our annual Retreat (4-5th May 2018) to be held in Leavenworth. Tons of opportunity to have fun, fellowship and to build out our plan for 2018-19 Rotary year with President-Elect Chris Boland.

There a great agenda being pulled together that includes golfing, wine tasting, dinner and planning for our club’s continued success.  More information will be coming from the Retreat Committee.  Stay tuned and sign up for what will be a tremendous fellowship event.


17 February 2018
24 Feb 2018

Rotarian of the Month (February) - Laura Cosacchi

by Kaj Pedersen

Laura Cosacchi being recognized as our February Rotarian of the Month

Well done to Laura Cosacchi for being Rotarian of the Month for February. Laura’s work with our Forest Ridge Interact group has seen the group’s involvement with our Rotary project’s increase – a welcome involvement from our New Generations partners!  This coupled with her dedication to supporting our club’s A/V needs every week, so that we have a great experience for our speakers, demonstrates her commitment to our Rotary cause.

28 January 2018
8 Feb 2018

Rotarian of the Month (January) - Tom Leonidas

by Kaj Pedersen

Tom Leonidas receives his ROTM Award for January from BBRC President, Kaj Pedersen

Congratulations to Tom Leonidas who was recognized as Rotarian of the Month for January.  This was to highlight his work in helping BBRC secure funding support for the Issaquah Food and Clothing Bank’s truck, where the project grant totals $39,500.  This project is a collaboration between the BBRC, Issaquah, Sammamish and District 5030; thanks to Tom’s efforts we were able to secure a $12,000 district match for the project.

This is tremendous for our club and the community, especially with the collaboration across our Rotary family in magnifying the amount of funds we were able to secure for this project.  It also talks to the success of the M3 Vision, as we will be able to tell our story in successfully supporting our local community through Rotary action.  Well done to Tom on his contributions, as well as the others in the Community and Vocational committee for making this project come to life.

2 December 2017
16 Dec 2017

Season for Family and Miracles

by Kaj Pedersen

BBRC Fellowship

Wow!  We kick off December with an opportunity to actively engage in delivering miracles, while also taking an opportunity to celebrate our Rotary involvement with our families this month.  A number of notable items I do want to acknowledge as we kick off this month that is traditionally about families in the Rotary calendar:

  • It was good to see our members already rally to the EREY cause in November and a huge shout out to Scott Sadler and his team for their dedication in helping us reach for this goal.  We are only a few short of hitting the 100% mark.  I hope that the remaining few, who have not committed to supporting the foundation, will be able to make their contribution and help us cross the finish line for EREY.
  • Our Turkey Drive was hugely successful and we were able to secure a cash surplus of $6,250 thanks to everyone’s generosity.  In particular, I would like to further recognize Alan Bohling, Tom Leonidas, Steven Goldfarb, Matt Dijulio and Morris Kremen for their donations.  We will use some of the funds to honor Michel Carter’s memory within RFH and being awarded the Mike Shanahan Award for his contributions to RFH.
  • We had a great shout out from Chris Boland this past Friday to help fulfill a seasonal miracle for a member of community who can benefit from our help – a great opportunity for fellowship, doing good and getting our hands dirty as we help an elderly member of community tidy up his yard!  Please reach out to Chris, Ann Norman or me if you are willing to get involved.

    Every Rotarian Every Year!

  • Our Eastside Rotaracts are taking on the cause of helping the homeless by securing clean socks and they have asked us to help.  This is a wonderful way for us to lend our support to a wonderful group of people that take pride in being sponsored by our club.  I hope that each of our members can buy a pair or two of socks to help them in their drive with this community project.  It is worth noting that clean socks are the most asked for item from the homeless support groups and reminds us that it is the simplest things that can make a difference for those who are challenged in our community.
  • I hope that you will all support the call from Carmela to support our Family Party on December 15th – it is an opportunity for our club members to bring their family into the spirit of fellowship that underpins our club’s success.  It is also a wonderful way for us to say thank you for their support of our Rotary commitments.  Also, let’s not forget the Black & White Party to be hosted at the Loft in Washington Square – let’s kick off the New Year with a strong showing of fellowship and celebration.
  • I want to leave the best to last – our Apple Cup Tom Foolery, where we had a couple of miracles in one day!  First, Kim Shrader was indeed seen in a husky sweatshirt, after losing his Apple Cup bet to Dennis Newell and Bob Holert – a miracle to behold for sure!  However, Kim’s reluctance to sing the Husky fight song was followed up by our second miracle of Dennis and Bob leading the Cougar fight song with our Cougs in attendance – this was a seasonal miracle wrapped up in the 4-way test as a gift that BUILT GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS within our club!

I look forward to sharing the rest of this month with you all as we rush headlong into the final month of 2017 and reflect on the good that we are doing through our work with Rotary and its mission.

12 November 2017
5 Dec 2017

U.S. Clubs & Districts Liability Insurance Program & Resources Webinar

by Kaj Pedersen


On 5 December 2017, at 1:00PM CST Rotary International’s Risk Management Team will be hosting a live informational webinar that will inform interested Rotarians about the U.S. Rotary Clubs & Districts Liability Insurance Program (“Program”) and how it relates to events your club is planning.

If you’ve wondered what a certificate of insurance is, this is a webinar for you! We will discuss the importance of contracts for Rotary events while also providing a walk-through of our new Insurance Broker’s dedicated Rotary insurance website, Gallagher Insight, to make sure you can find all of the necessary information easily.

This webinar is open to ALL Rotarians at any level.  Please click the yellow button to register for this event.  You can also go to rotary.org to Webinars.

Rotary Risk Management

Contact Information 

Insurance Broker

Rotary Risk Management


Julita Brzozowska,
Risk Manager

Carol Dietz,
Assistant Risk Manager

Katie Rabs,
Risk Management Specialist

Jodi Steel,
Claims Manager

(833) 3ROTARY

(847) 424-5394

(847) 424-5245

(847) 866-4494

(847) 866-3125




4 November 2017
17 Nov 2017

District 5030 Updates for Membership

by Kaj Pedersen

Who will win this year’s Apple Cup – Cougs or Huskies?

District Social – Show Your Colors: Thursday, November 16th, 4:30-7:30, Best Western Executive Inn (200 Taylor Ave North, Seattle 98109) near the Space Needle.  This will be a fun event as we celebrate the upcoming Apple Cup with Husky & Cougar Rotary Pins.  Everyone who attends will be given a pin(s) of their choice.  Come in your own school colors and show off your Alma Mater.  There will be prizes for the best dressed!  This is a great chance to make new connections with other clubs and to see what might be possible in the future working together.


District Governor – Last Call for Nominations: The call for nominations for the next District Governor has gone out a couple of times now from Bo Darling.  If anyone in the club is interested, please get your application into Bo Darling.  Instructions for submitting your application are available here.

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