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21 October 2017
28 Oct 2017

Planting Trees at Bellevue Airfield Park

by Kaj Pedersen

Adam Mihlstin after planting his first tree at Airfield Park

The damp weather did not stop three of our members from showing up this Saturday to plant trees at the Bellevue Airfield Park.  We worked with the Bellevue Park and Recreation Service to help reforest a section at the park entrance.  Adam Mihlstin, Jason Cherney and Kaj Pedersen shook off the concern for rain and lent their support to the effort.  The good news is that the rain stayed away to allow us to get a good couple of hours of digging and planting done.

Jason Cherney getting stuck in with the spade

Many of you know that Ian Riseley, our Rotary International President, has put out a call to action for each Rotarian to plant a tree during his term.  The good news is that with 94 trees planted this morning, our small team has planted one tree for every BBRC club member.  We are thrilled that we can represent the club’s commitment to this call to action has now been achieved.  We have made a contribution to our community and the global community with our tree planting this morning.


Bellevue Park and Recreation team working with BBRC to plant trees

The BBRC team at the end of their efforts in planting 94 trees for Bellevue and Rotary

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28 September 2017
22 Oct 2017

Preserve Planet Earth - Bellevue Parks work party

Reply to Jason Cherney

Save the date – Saturday October 21st

Bellevue Parks Stewardship – Lets join in fellowship with Roatarians and other members of the community and get our hands dirty resurfacing trails.

Location to be determined.

6 July 2017
16 Jul 2017

Roll Up Your Sleeves & Get Dirty! PPE Work-Party

Reply to Christopher LeRoux

Come and join in for some fellowship and trail resurfacing and restoration.  Click Here For Info.  Preserve Planet Earth – work-party flyer 07152017

WHERE: Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm

WHEN: Saturday, July 15th – 8:45am

Contact Chris with questions.

Dick Brown promises there’ll be Sunshine!

11 July 2014
22 May 2018

New Announcement!

by Morris Kremen

Hi everyone. We are looking for someone to chair the Preserve Planet Earth Committee for the year. Based on past experience, the committee would hope to sponsor one (or maybe two) projects for the year. If you have passion for environmental causes and activities, this is a great opportunity to indulge it. It doesn’t matter whether you are a long-time BBRC member or a newbie, your enthusiasm is the only qualification you need,

If interested, please contact me by email (morriskr@msn.com) or phone (425-614-8794).

Yours in service,


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New Announcement


Mercer Slough Nature Park

The BBRC Preserve Planet Earth has adopted the Mercer Sough Nature Park for its vehicle for making lasting change in our local community.  7+ miles trails, visitors center, environmental education center, picnic areas, waterfront, canoe launch, blueberry farm, and restrooms. Just minutes from downtown, the Mercer Slough Nature Park is the largest of Lake Washington’s remaining fresh water wetlands and is one of Bellevue’s largest parks. Explore over 320 acres of wildlife habitat, agriculture, and freshwater wetland ecosystems on 7+ miles of trails including a unique canoe trail. The blueberry farm sells fresh seasonal produce. The beautifully restored historic Winters House is Bellevue’s only public building on the National Historic Register. It serves as the home of the Eastside Heritage Center, offers historic tours, and is available for meeting and event rentals. The Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center is a partnership with the Pacific Science Center focusing on freshwater wetland ecology, provides a park visitor center (open daily from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.) and offers programs for adults, youth and families.

Projects will include renovation of trails and habitat in the Mercer Slough.  Specific items may include trail renovation, installing post and rail fencing, stream bank stabilization and native planting. Depending on how many people show up we have some flexibility on how much we do.

  • Bellefields Creek Restoration – install stepping stones, post and rail fencing, interpretive signs and native plantings to harden access and restrict and restore areas of excessive erosion where we don’t want to promote future access.
  • Bellefields Trail Widening – install trail retainage and drain tile to create bump out to provide better access for environmental programs
  • Cedar Tree Access – install post and rail, signage and native plantings to reduce erosion
  • MSEEC Trail Slope Repair – install post and rail fence, signage and native plantings to restrict access and restore slopes to reduce erosion
  • MSEEC Planting – install additional plant material throughout the MSEEC landscaping
  • Polliwog Preschool Outdoor Lab –  create outdoor lab by installing trail, native plantings, and post and rail fencing.
  • 118th Restoration Planting – clearing exotic vegetation and planning areas associated with a previous restoration along the 118th Ave periphery trail



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Preserve Planet Earth Work Parties embody:

  • Passion
  • Teamwork
  • Future
  • Commitment
  • Joy
  • Family
  • Friendship
  • Leadership
  • Vision



Alex Rule

Alex Rule

Fifteen years ago my mom encouraged me to pursue my passion for the environment through the Preserve Planet Earth Committee of the BRRC. For the next 5 years, the BBRC was involved in over10 projects and through those projects we fostered fellowship and we gave countless kids an opportunity to plug into what it means to connect with the earth. For the last 8-9 years, I’ve been focused on raising two boys but in honor of my mom, who passed away last April @ 92 of my mom, and in hopes of passing on her passionate environmental legacy to our children, it’s time for me to reengage with Rotary through PPE…but I need help.


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Community / Work Project
Community Svc: Preserve Planet Earth Committee

Bellevue Parks Works Party

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21 October 2017
8:45 AM To 12:00 PM

Bellevue Parks Stewardship – Lets join in fellowship with Roatarians and other members of the community and get our hands dirty planting shrubs at the Bellevue Airfield park.

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Community / Work Project
Community Svc: Preserve Planet Earth Committee

The BBRC Goes Barking Mad

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15 July 2017
8:45 AM To 12:30 PM

Restoring Pathways at the Larsen Blueberry Farm Who do you call when you need a trail resurfaced….FAST!  Ten members of the BBRC sprung (sprang?) into action last Saturday when we learned that the Larsen Lake Blueberry Farm was in need!!…

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Community / Work Project
Community Svc: Preserve Planet Earth Committee

Forest Management at Mercer Slough

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1 November 2015
9:00 AM To 1:00 PM

The Preserve Planet Earth committee is pleased to announce its first work party of the season. The Huskies are away at Oregon State, the weather will be glorious (per Dick Brown) and a little physical labor is good for everyone.…

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